Antonys Zapitis

Antonys Zapitis
Director of Operations

Antony holds a Bachelor degree from Essex University, where he has graduated with distinction in Accounting and Financial Management.

He became member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales as from 1997 and recently, as from October 2015, he became an insolvency practitioner officer.

Antony has extensive knowledge and experience in portfolio management, audit of listed companies, ad hoc projects locally and overseas, such as in Russia and other jurisdictions.

He was the Chief Financial Controller of a major Public Group of Companies for several years, until 2008, when he founded his own audit firm, where he acted as the firm’s Managing Director for a period of nine years.

Also, he was involved in several loan restructurings, liquidations, insolvencies and administrations. Currently he is a director in the audit department at HLB Cyprus Ltd.

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