HLB Cyprus key success on marketing is that its top priority is to identify, and fill client’s needs. Our company provide effective marketing strategy by identifying closely customer insights to determine customer targeting, customer segmentation, positioning and offer high value development. HLB’s key objective is to retain clients satisfied by evolving its marketing development with our top priority what the client needs.

HLB’s marketing strategy looks up engagements with a restrained approach and a broad field of analytical tools focusing on customer needs to marketing requirements, and then aiming on customer demands. This results in enhanced performance, as demonstrated through our client’s satisfaction.

Below you can find some of our marketing consulting services:

Market Assessment

Three C’s analysis is the key on our market assessment (i.e. Client, Competitor and Company) seeking new strategic opportunities.

Market Segmentation

Market Segmentation involves developing a proprietary customer framework, then mapping market segments and potential opportunities.

Target Marketing

Target Marketing emphasizes the best targeting clients, based on magnitude, growth, positioning and local market fit.

Strategic Positioning

Strategic Positioning result in the most relevant, differentiated and credible expression of the core offering.

Marketing Plan Development

Marketing mix plays a key role such 4 P’s (Price, Place, Positioning, Promotion) by defining and including customer attainment.

Market Research

Understanding clearly client’s insights is where market research takes place, and this is where HLB Cyprus chooses the best marketing strategies to satisfy all clients.


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