A merger or acquisition is a significant event for any business. Both sides of the transaction feel the pressure to ensure they have the most accurate information prior to completing the deal. At the same time, both sides are usually motivated to complete the deal in a timely manner. The goals may seem simple, but every transaction is unique and different buyers and sellers present different challenges to a fair sale.

M&A’s are a common strategy for fast growth or diversification. These are, however, not without their challenges. Due to poor strategic fit, lack of an integration plan or failure to identify potential problems with the quality of earnings, transactions sometimes fail to be successful. Having an expert team support the transaction process, significantly increases your chances for success. Our HLB Transaction Advisory Services professionals can support you through every step.

HLB’s Transaction Advisory Services team leverages the strengths of the global network to assist clients in achieving their growth objectives from strategy to execution. We take a holistic approach to helping businesses grow across borders and provide streamlined services to multi-national and national organisations. With industry expertise, speed and agility, our senior level professionals can assist you with deal strategy, mitigating risks and managing complexities to improve performance, valuation, restructuring, providing capital solutions and performance improvement. We serve high-growth companies and help them navigate complex transactions across borders. We partner with you to create value and seize opportunities to unlock your potential for growth.

Navigating deals and cross-board transactions

Capital raising

We assist companies in need of finance for:

  • Investments
  • Expansion
  • Re-financing existing facilities

We analyze the requirements and advise on the amount of finance called for the most appropriate financing arrangements. We then approach the potential financiers and present the necessary information.

Company flotations

We act as Nominated Advisors and/or Reporting Accountants for companies wishing to list their shares on the Cyprus Stock Exchange. This entails the preparation of the company to meet the tight controls which are a prerequisite for a listed company.

Mergers and acquisitions

Our group offers practical assistance in cases of companies wishing to merge with or acquire other enterprises. We can advise whether the contemplated acquisition is the right route, and what the costs and the level of resources, which need to be committed, are. We will be fully involved in the negotiation and the execution of such transactions.

Investigations and due diligence

Our specialists can carry out financial investigation assignments for a variety of purposes, be it a review of an investment proposal or suspicion of malpractice. Furthermore, we are in a position to undertake the necessary due diligence work which is an essential part of the investigation and appraisal of any investment opportunity.


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