Taxation is a fundamental aspect of modern economy and as such, forms a crucial part of a business’ strategy.

HLB Cyprus provides across-the-board tax advisory services to corporations that seek to manage their tax functions effectively and efficiently. Our approach is relationship-based and focuses on delivering tailored solutions that are aligned with your business’ plans and culture.

We maintain a dialogue with relevant authorities and provide our clients with practical, forward-thinking advice based on a deep understanding of their individual tax issues.

We advise and assist clients on issues such as:

  • Providing advice to those who are establishing a new business
  • Adopt a suitable structure for your business
  • Plan and effect a group restructuring
  • Tax due diligence
  • Preparation of tax provisions for financial statements
  • Review and advice on Company’s tax position
  • Assisting in filling and submitting the Company’s tax returns
  • Advice you on the timing and amount of your tax payments
  • Requesting on your client’s behalf advance tax rulings with the Cyprus Tax Authorities
  • Obtain Cyprus Tax certificate upon client’s request
  • Ensure your Company is fully compliant with tax regulations and deadlines
  • Negotiation with the Inland Revenue
  • Appeals against tax assessments raised by the Inland Revenue
  • Payment of temporary/provisional taxes

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