Cyber Security Services

The digital transformation of businesses is happening bringing vast opportunities. There are new choices of using cloud technologies, remote working, and Internet of Things (IoT).

This brings a necessity for business to ensure that they have done everything possible to protect sensitive information while keeping up with these latest technologies.

Reduce your risk

As the impact of cyber security incidents and data breaches become broader and more profound, businesses must take cyber security measures – or risk severe consequences, with monetary losses impacting their business.

The typical risks of a cyber-attack are potentially:

  • Legal risk
  • Operational risk
  • Regulatory risk
  • Reputational damage
  • Monetary losses

Why is cyber security needed?

Your business needs to stay protected against cyberthreats and a regular assessment must be done to help ensure it remains as such. The leading security assessments undertaken by our team of cyber security experts can prove crucial for discovering any risks to your business that may be a threat.

How we can help

We offer penetration testing and vulnerability assessment services working closely with our affiliate firm, Digital Investigations S.M. Ltd and have extensive experience and deep level of understanding in this field. Your trust in us is essential so that we provide you with a suitable plan to increase your cyber defence by discovering weaknesses and vulnerabilities in your existing IT infrastructure.

We can work with you to define appropriate mitigation strategies that fit your business, budget, and objectives. 

Our methodology is based on using various tools to ensure a thorough assessment using both open-source and premium services. Our experienced cyber security professionals provide tailored services to clients’ specific circumstances such as the industry and sector they operate in, their size and operations as well as legal status.

Our expert teams have experience working with clients of all shapes and forms – from SME to the big corporate, from non-profit and public sector to privately owned and listed companies, and even start-ups. We can provide a full range of consulting service to help you achieve organisational excellence. From finding ways to finance growth, to understanding consumer needs and building relationships with customers in the digital age. From identifying and managing risk to getting the best from talent and optimising operations.


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