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When entering a foreign market, there are many things to consider. You will experience a steep learning curve of the country’s culture, processes and intricacies of the new business environment. Having a local partner you can trust to help you navigate a foreign market is a key advantage for any business expanding abroad.

Our global network of HLB professionals connects your trusted local HLB advisor to local and global partners around the world to help you navigate new markets. By taking time to understand your business and the challenges you’re facing, they provide the knowledge and expertise to help you develop and execute strategies tailored to your cross-border business needs.

Our approach

Regardless of what sector you operate in, business is about people. Building a trusted relationship with you wherever you take your business is highly important to us. To get off on a flying start in the new country, we take the time to understand your specific needs and ambitions for expanding into foreign markets, to ensure you comply with local regulation.

Once we understand your business needs, you’re trusted HLB advisory at home will introduce you to a localised HLB client team set-up especially for you to cover the jurisdictions of your interest. They will serve as your local business guides to help navigate through the new business environment. You’re HLB advisor at home will be kept in the loop of your foreign projects – functioning as an additional safety to avoid misunderstandings and to enhance the building-up of a sturdy client service relationship.

At HLB, we work closely with our colleagues in the countries you’re expanding into and guarantee a seamless HLB client experience and soft landing in new territory.


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