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At HLB, we are committed to the highest standards in financial reporting and auditing practises, with all our members meeting strict quality criteria both nationally and internationally. Sounds governance, integrity and high quality are deeply embedded in the DNA of our network and our member firms. We continuously aim to achieve the best service and highest standards in the work we do for our clients.

Forum of firms

HLB International is a member of IFC’s Forum of Firms. The Forum of Firms is an association of 27 international networks of accounting firms performing audits of financial statements used across borders. Members voluntarily agree to meet quality requirements such as:

  • Maintain appropriate quality control standards in accordance with International Standards on Quality Control issued by the IAASB in addition to relevant national quality control standards and conduct regular globally coordinated internal quality assurance reviews.
  • Have policies and methodologies for the conduct of transnational audits based on ISAs.
  • Have policies and methodologies which conform to the IESBA Code of Ethics for Professional Accountants and national codes of ethics.

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International Federation of Accountants

To pursuit the highest standards of quality, it is important to us to stay well connected with audit professionals across the world. Technological innovation is changing the profession and we recognise the importance of talent and attracting new generations of accountants.

Bettina Cassegrain, HLB Technical Director and Global Assurance Leaders recently spoke to the International Federation of Accountants about the need to improve the communication the industry does in order to attract young talent. Bettina explains how young people today want to understand not only what the accountancy profession does but what it stands for. We need to communicate our values and bring forward the notion that the accountancy profession is an integral part of doing business. We need to make it clear that the role we play is ultimately for the greater good.

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